Project “Helligkeit “

Helligkeit is a multimedia music theater commissioned by Alessia Park with a starting point in the Korean traditional dance Salpuri: a shamanic ritual for the exorcism of evil spirits. Referring to this,the plot tells the story of an evil spirit that returned from hell with the only purpose of wreaking havoc. Tired of the mundane routine, the spirit decided to take some holidays in Seoul. At the same time, Illegal Duo (Park & Skender) visit the city as part of their “Confessions Tour 2017” but they journey will change radically once they go to downtown and meet this evil spirit... The concept of Helligkeit (brightness) is used as a metaphor to represent several mental states of the characters.

The same happens with other parameters which are stratified and blended in order to produce dissimilar audiovisual atmospheres, like spatial noise versus visual silence. By this, the dramaturgy develops itself in a different level based on the hybridization and dichotomy producedby sound, image and movements. The same principle is used for the depiction of the cast that switch between organic and inorganic representations, enhancing the unstable psychology of the characters.The multidisciplinary nature of Helligkeit invites the audience to get immerse into an unique surrounding experience, exploring the limits between spirituality, tradition, cognitive bias, mental disorder and the paradoxical states of consciousness from a contemporary perspective.