Projects “Confession”

The singer Alessia Park from Korea and the pianist Marija Skender from Montenegro, together with 7 composers, are developing an interdisciplinary music theater evening. The theme is the inner conflict between two artists between the traditional female image of their homelands and self-assertion in the new context. This is accompanied by a mixture of new forms of the sound and theatrical expression.

The Duo Illegal had a remarkable performance at the festival Sommer in Stuttgart 2016 - Theaterhaus Stuttgart, on the project named "Confession" in witch they cooperated with Jörg Behr, producer and Musik der Jahrhunderte. For this occasion, they performed new piecers from composers like Gerhard Stäbler, Lucia Ronchetti, JunYoung Park, Silvia Rosani, Davor Branimir Vincze and Alexandra Filonenko. For the Contemporary Music Festival in Seul Art Center 2017. Duo Illegal premiered the "Confession" project, with also new pieces from Korean composers Seunglim Kim and Byung-moo Lee.